Recreational Dance - Dancing For Fun!

A recreational dancer

can take as little as one class/week.  

There is less pressure to exact dance technique

however, as technique is properly taught, there is opportunity

for the dancer to grow.  (Depending on how much the dancer is willing to commit to the work in class, regular attendance, and practice at home!)  


There is expectation for the recreational dancer to perform and exhibit the work they have learned in class during studio recitals. Regular attendance, dress code, and dance ettiquette are expected of the recreational dancer.  


Recreational families at WDF enjoy all of the conveniences of full-time students with auto-pay, online access to WDF events and newsletters, transaction histories, The WDF Store, and more!


Recreational dancers also have the opportunity to perform in WDF's VERY popular (annual) "Christmas Spectacular", as well as the (annual) "Summer Sensation" year-end recital.


An exceptional faculty is on hand to facilitate excellence in the dance education, providing what we hope to be a convenient, well-rounded, and fantastic experience.  


Join Us and Have Fun at WDF!


Our Annual Recitals...



Tickets on Sale in November!

See how dancers are progressing in a December showcase. This is a very popluar event at WDF and has SOLD OUT now, 2 years in row!  Full lighting, costumes, music, Santa!, and the ever-popluar "WDFFC Christmas Bake Sale", compliment the holiday season, making for plently of fun!



Tickets on Sale in May!


After 40 weeks of dancing, it's time to celebrate!  Dancers from the recreational, pre-competitive, and competitive programs come together in JUNE to produce an oustandingly costumed and produced...year-end recital. It always sells out, it is...shall we say... SENSATIONAL!