H i t   I t.

Join the Hip Hop program at WDF.  

Practice.  Compete.


Hip Hop dancers at Dance Force can take part in all of the

WDF conventions/competitions backed up by a great faculty and a hard-working administration.


The work is always progressive, the choreo is fierce, and your crew is committed:  No "break-ups" mid season, or disorganization.


Hip Hop dancers at WDF take 2 compulsory classes. One class is a Hip Hop Tech class where you'll progress through styles: house, tutting, breaking, locking, boogaloo, popping, and more.  The other class is a Hip Hop workshop where you work on choreo in class.  Get it done.


If you're looking for a determined, fun, positive, team-focused environment, look no further.  Hip Hop students at WDF are also elligible to perform in WDF competitions with solos, duos, and trios.


Every dancer at WDF has multiple performance opportunities both in WDF recitals and in the seasonal competitions.  And at WDF performances...you'll always be performing to a sold out house...with a lot of hype!


WDF has much to offer you.  

Join our programming today! 



Our Annual Recitals...


Tickets on Sale in November!


See how dancers are progressing in a December showcase. This is a very popluar event at WDF and has SOLD OUT now, 2 years in row!  Full lighting, costumes, music, Santa!, and the ever-popluar "WDFFC Christmas Bake Sale", compliment the holiday season, making for plently of fun!

After 40 weeks of dancing, it's time to celebrate!  Dancers from the recreational, pre-competitive, and competitive programs come together in JUNE to produce an oustandingly costumed and produced...year-end recital. It always sells out, it is...shall we say... SENSATIONAL!  

This show is grand, to say the least!  Hundreds of gorgeous costumes prevail the stage in an all-out competitive bonanza of hip hop, tap, ballet, musical theatre, jazz, and contemporary/lyrical competitve pieces, showcased in one sitting!  A seasonal favourite at WDF!

Tickets on Sale in May!


Tickets on Sale in February!