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Dress Code is an integral part of what happens at WDF and is specific to each discipline.

Dress Code At WDF.

Students must come to class with appropriate dance attire.  Dress code is enforced predominantly for the following reasons:  To receive the best training possible from the teacher, to maintain equality in the classroom, and to preserve WDF’s professional flooring.  A Teacher needs to be able to see a student's placement and posture in order to help correct the student and to help them further progress as a dancer.  All students must remove jewelry before class.  Often, during special dates (such as Halloween), teachers will permit students to wear something fun to class.  Parents will be notified of these dates via newsletter.   WDF Clothing orders generally commence in October, and will be available online!  Students of WDF are encouraged to proudly sport their WDF clothing whenever possible - such as at conventions/competitions, or WDF related events.  

Ballet / Pointe

-Pink Tights (Bloch brand in pink. Footed or convertable)

-Black Bodysuit for all Junior, Intermediate, and Senior ballet students. 

-Ballet Shoes – Pink leather for Mix & Match/Pre-Jr. Combo/ and Junior 1 – Junior 4 students (“Capezio Technique style, #200).

Pink canvas ballet shoes for girls in level Jr. 5 and up and black canvas ballet shoes for boys level Junior 5 and up (“Capezio Hanami” style # 2037) with elastics sewn on.

-Pointe shoes for pointe class (please see ballet teacher before purchasing pointe shoes).

-BOYS- form fitted white muscle shirt, black shorts (black form fitted lycra shorts or mens fitted tights for competitive students), black ballet shoes (“Capezio”) with elastics sewn on.

-Hair must be in a slick classic bun EVERY ballet class for GIRLS. For a tutorial on how to make a classical bun for ballet class please watch-

Jazz / Tap / Lyrical

-All:  Black bodysuit with black lycra fitted shorts, or black tights, or black leggings. (No baggy shorts, no skirts or pants.)  Girls: No tank tops/t-shirts or baggy clothing.  Mini Jazz Workshop can wear beige tights or black tights.

-Boys: White or black muscle shirt or t-shirt and black shorts.

-Long Hair must be tied back into a ponytail or bun.

-Beige split-sole slip on (no laces) jazz shoes for recreational jazz. (“Bloch”style, #499 or “Bloch Neoprene” style,#495).

-Beige split sole (no laces) jazz shoes for pre-competitive jazz and mini jazz workhsop. (“Bloch”style, #499 or “Bloch Neoprene” style,#495).

-Beige slip on jazz shoe for competitive jazz students. (Bloch style, #499 or Bloch Neoprene style,#495).  

-Tap Shoes: Junior 1- Tap - Sr. Tap: black "Cadence" is the preference, Capezio style #CG19). Please note: No patent tap shoes for Jr. 1 tap & up. At this level the student will need the recommended shoe to learn properly.

-Boys black tap shoes (“So Danca” style, #TA04).

-Lyrical recreational students will need beige Capezio turning shoes. (canvas stuyle H061). (Int. Lyrical and Sr. Lyrical will not need turning shoes.)

Hip Hop / Musical Theatre

-Clean in-door only (white) non-marking runners for Hip Hop.
-Loose clothing for Hip Hop classes (sweat pants, t-shirts, hoodies).

-Beige split-sole slip on (no laces) jazz shoes for Musical Theatre.


Black bodysuit and bare legs/feet or footless tights.

Mix & Match / Pre- Jr. Combo/Mommy & Me

-Pink tights (“Bloch brand” in pink # T0219G).

-Pink short sleeve bodysuit. (“Capezio” style # TB132C) (No skirts or tutus).

-Pink Leather Ballet shoes with elastics sewn on. (“Capezio Technique style, #200). (No canvas or gym slippers).

-Black Patent Tap Shoes. (“Capezio Patent” style #625)

-BOYS- white T- shirt, black shorts, black leather ballet shoes (“Capezio style, #200) & black tap shoes (“So Danca” style, #TA04).

-Hair for GIRLS should be in a bun, ponytail, or braid.

Mommy & Me class is not a recital class (therefore any comfortable clothing and indoor-footwear is fine for class).


*Please Note: The Dance Dress Code Is Strictly Enforced. When we dress for the appropriate dance style, we are more likely to “Dance the Part”.