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At Winnipeg Dance Force

WDF - Competitive Program

Winning isn't everything.  But let's face it:  It's nice!  At Winnipeg Dance Force, the philosophy is "Dance Education You Can Trust".  That means dancers work on what they need to work on to improve.  Having that great trick, or that one super flexible leg, or being great in that one discipline...might allow a dancer to acheive success in competition, but what about being well-rounded?  


After years of investment, wouldn't it be nice to step out of a STUDIO and actually be able to make a living because you have multiple skill sets, or get into that teaching program, or go onto post secondary education as an already established triple threat?

Competitive dancers at WDF take a minimum of 6 classes per week in the disciplines of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.  We call them "Full-Time Students".  After registering for 6 classes, every class is free! Hip Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Musical's all free.


Competitive dancers register in May, and WDF Directors get hard to work over the summer completeing programming.  Classes commence in September, and invites are prepared.(Invites detail the groups dancers will be invited to particpate in/additional competitive opportunites.)


Once accepted, rehearsal schedules are generated and rehearsals promptly commence in October! Competitions generally begin in March.



Dancers rarely dance alone in the industry, so Team committments at WDF are the focus with rewards coming in the shape of solo, duo, and trio opportunities. 




Impeccable attendance is a must.  Many classes are progressive, as excercises and choreography are added onto every week. 


In addition to attending 4 - 5 competitions per season and 1-2 conventions, competitive dancers also perform in 3 seasonal recitals (produced by Winnipeg Dance Force), giving dancers plenty of opportunity to perform!  


WDF participates in both local competitions and competitions abroad.  The studio has attended Nuvo, Starbound, and The Pulse in Minneapolis, LADM in Chicago, JUMP in Orlando, and many more. Travel generally takes place every 2nd season. 


Parents at WDF also enjoy online access to their accounts, putting everything conveniently at their fingertips:  schedules, newsletters, class music, attendance, invoices, tickets, and more!  


Autopay features allow parents at WDF to automatically pay for tuition, and balance  accounting from the comfort of home. 


Full-time families also benefit from a fundraising program! The WDFFC raises thousands of dollars every year to alleviate the costs of full-time dance.


WDF has an outstanding faculty, multiple programs, sprung floors, ballet barres, mylar 

flooring, a refridgerator and microwave for those long dance days, a snack bar, 2 washrooms, a changeroom, plenty of parking, all in a convenient location.


Contact US if you would like more information on our competitive programming at WDF.


(Below - A few members of the WDF Performance Team at the 2015 Canadian Nationals Dance Competition with OVERALL Standings.)


WDF facilitates Ballet Exams!


Wow! Dance Force @ Canadian Nationals, 2015