Our Annual Recitals...

Please note that like all event tickets, tickets purchased for WDF recitals and/or events are NON-REFUNDABLE

Tickets On Sale Sunday, November 10th @ 10:00am



See how dancers are progressing in a December showcase. This is a very popluar event at WDF and has SOLD OUT now, 5 years in row!  Full lighting, costumes, music, Santa!, and the ever-popluar "WDFFC Christmas Bake Sale", compliment the holiday season, making for plently of fun!

Sunday, December 15th at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Inistitute.  10:00am Dress Rehearsal.  2:00pm Recital.


Tickets on Sale Sunday, February 17th @10:00am

This show is grand, to say the least!  Hundreds of gorgeous costumes prevail the stage in an all-out competitive bonanza of hip hop, tap, ballet, musical theatre, jazz, and contemporary/lyrical competitve pieces, showcased in one sitting!  A seasonal favourite at WDF!


Sunday, February 23rd at the Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre.  Recital commences at 6:00pm.

 Happy Mother's Day! 

Tickets on Sale Sunday May 12th @ 10:00am



Saturday, June 22nd at The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.:  A celebration of various dance styles, light, and music:  All the hard work has paid off!  Costumes are in full splendour, and students get a chance to strut their stuff!  Please note: This recital sells OUT!  10:30am Dress Rehearsal (arrival).  Dress rehearsal commences at 11:00am.  6:00pm Recital. (Doors Open at 5:30pm)

Please note:  If you require handicap accessible seats that are not listed in the MBCI seating plan, (or if the handicap accessible seats are taken at time of purchase), please contact us at info@winnipegdanceforce.com and we will endeavour to assist you.  Additional Handicap accessible seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.