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Nestled in the heart of Spring Meadow in east Winnipeg, Winnipeg Dance Force is a studio that offers affordable recreational, pre-competitive, and competitive dance programming for all ages with an accredited faculty, in a professional facility. 


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2020/2021 SEASON

Don't be confused! :-) 

The legacies of Winnipeg Dance Force and Ken Peter Dance Express...

...are coming together to provide you with outstanding, reliable, safe, and exceptional dance education services.

Tuition rates are based on a 9 month schedule commencing from September 8th, 2020 - May 31st, 2021.

Click on the link to register for an account today!  It's going to be AWESOME!


Registration is now taking place for the 2020/2021 dance season.  We are excited to be continuing to offer the same professional, caring, and dedicated support to our community in September, 2020!!

IMPORTANT NEWS!!! We would like to give a very warm welcome to new directors Marian Peter and Jayne Kooi.  We are happy to be coming together with Ken Peter's Dance Express in this new adventure to provide you with quality services and great dance education! We believe we are stronger together! With WDF staff, Ken Peter's Dance Express staff and now 2 locations we can provide more classes to choose from and make sure that our class sizes are smaller and safe enough for COVID-19 safety measures. You can still register for the same familiar classes with WDF teachers at the Plessis location (WDF) or try a new class at the Springfield location (KPDE). More info to follow as we add to our website. In the meantime, please feel free to cotact us with any questions you may have at Or you can give us a call at 204-668-5720.


Safety Measures

against covid-19

At Winnipeg Dance Force...

We value the investment in your child's dance education, we value your safety, the safety of our dancers, and the safety of our faculty.  We are scheduled to re-open on Monday, June 1st with the following measures being employed:

Social Distancing:  The studio schedule has been amended so that students can participate in classes at the studio with max class sizes being limited so that faculty and students can maintain social distancing. 

-Class start times between studios are staggered to minimize contact between classes.

-The lobby is closed and the studio is open only to students and faculty.  

-Dance bags are encouraged to be limited to necessities, are taken into each studio, and are spaced adequately apart. 

-Cell phones must remain in dance bags at all times. 

-Students and faculty can wear personal face masks at their own discretion. 

-Dress code has been relaxed so that dancers don't have to change between classes.

-Anyone exhibiting any symptoms are not permitted in the studio.

Deep Cleaning:  ALL SURFACES in the studio are disinfected on a daily basis. All surfaces that can be disinfected between classes (ballet barres, etc) are also cleaned.

Hand Sanitizers and Soap: Students are required to use the hand sanitizer station, or to wash their hands upon entering and exiting the studio.

Air Purification: HEPAFresh filters capture 99% of airborne particles and are installed in each studio.


Training:  Winnipeg Dance Force faculty are trained to provide support to students in an atmosphere that is calm, motivating, professional, and stress free.

Discretion:  Participation is absolutely at parent's discretion, and level of comfort with attending classes. Parents will be contacted with specific information and operating procedures.


Virtual Recital at a glance



With MULTIPLE RECITALS to check in on your child's progress, the faculty at WDF facilitates extraordinary performance opportunities.  With an annually sold-out "Christmas Spectacular", a "Spring Showcase", and our "Year-End Summer Sensation"...your child will feel absolutely FAMOUS! :-) 

Real Testimony

“Dance Force really helped us out during a tough time.  Excellent instruction and consistency and we didn't have to pull the kids out of dance.  They bent over backwards for our 3 kids to make sure they could continue to have dance in their lives while we got back on track.”

-WDF Parent 

“Dance is an art form.  We love being at a studio where we know our daughter is getting one-on-one attention, instead of competing for a spot in the front of the class.  Competition should be fun, and WDF teachers make it happen, but in a realistic atmosphere!”

-WDF Parent 

“I never expected I could do so well in competition. 


Thank You for all that you do for me, and for turning me into the dancer I am today. 

I appreciate and love you both so much!”

-WDF Student, RE: 2019 Elite Gold, 1st Place. Contemporary Solo @Canadian Nationals Dance Competition 

"I've been a dance educator for over 15 years.  I've worked for a parent-ran studio, I've owned my own studio, and I've taught under a few different studio owners.  Teaching at Dance Force has been one of my favourite endeavours...the support the directors give to their staff is amazing!  Their dedication to the students is enduring, and the family environment at the studio is welcoming."

-WDF Teacher, Savannah Menard

“We thought things might improve, so we waited another year then we should have before heading to Dance Force. I can honestly tell you that we regret waiting.  The directors there were very helpful, and they ensure that they have the right people at their studio to make it a great place to be.  

What a difference.”

-WDF Parent 

"Thank you (Dance Force)

for your support!  


It’s so nice to know that our daughter is in such a supportive environment.


We’re so glad we found your studio."

-WDF Parent

"As a parent of a dancer for over 13 years I can’t imagine what life would be without dance.  Winnipeg Dance Force has been a place where our child has grown up and its her home away from home.  It’s where she can express herself, have self confidence, discipline, perseverance, positive healthy body growth , strength, and teamwork.


Winnipeg Dance Force gives dancers the top training in all styles of dance with outstanding choreography and fantastic teachers. WDF allowed my child to follow her passion and express herself through dance to excellent results.


Outside of the studio she has used all her dance training to help her stay focused, organized, and confident.  I believe dance has truly been the biggest blessing in our daughter's life and I thank Winnipeg Dance Force for their years of guidance, top training, and dedication."

-WDF Parent

“Our Studio” Is where our dancers, teachers, and even parents have many fond memories. The sounds of tap, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, small and large dance numbers. The passion, dedication, sweat and tears are a big part of (the studio). It’s our dancer's second home and its where they can express themselves. I love this place!"

-WDF Parent